Elizabeth Tower


Crecimiento económico

  • Manchester is the largest economy outside of London (GBP 65,000 million).
  • Between 1996 and 2016 Manchester’s economy doubled, and its population grew by 28%.
  • The population is expected to grow by 125,000 by 2025.
  • Forecast growth in property price of 22.8% from 2018 to 2022.
  • The rental return in Manchester is 67% higher than in London.
  • GBP 56,000 million will be invested in high-speed rail network until 2033, shortening the travel time from London to Manchester to 1 hour.
  • GBP 2,100 million in expansion of the city’s metrolink, becoming by 2030, the largest in the United Kingdom.
  • GBP 1 billion Manchester airport expansion, ending in 2023.
  • Direct flight to more than 200 destinations in the world through 60 airlines flying from Manchester.
  • It is expected the number of passengersto double, to 55 million annually, by 2050.
  • 61 million people visit Manchester annually, contributing 7.5 billion pounds to the local economy.
  • Companies such as Google, Amazon, Bank of New York Mellon, Kellogg’s, BBC, Siemens and many others are headquartered, or have been installed in Manchester in recent years.

Properties with high demand

  • The population of Manchester grows at a rate of almost 15 times higher than the construction of residential properties.
  • By 2022, the construction of new properties will satisfy only 25% of the annual demand, according to current projections.
  • The level of occupancy of apartments in the City Center of the city is higher than 97%.

The best opportunity in 30 years

  • A third of the population born between 1980-1996 will be renting properties all their lives.
  • More than 40% will be renting when they reach 30; It is double that of his parents’ generation.
  • Billions of pounds are invested in Manchester in companies, infrastructure, and transportation, accompanying the growth of the city.
  • Voted as the best city to live in the United Kingdom.


Crown Street is located at the entrance of the city center, steps from the economic center and the major attractions of Manchester.

Crown Street is part of an exciting new neighborhood, housing new skyscrapers of luxury apartments, five-star amenities, becoming the most desired place to live.

You will be surrounded by several public spaces and green areas, connected with new pedestrian and cycle paths that will welcome you to the best restaurants, cafes, and shops, establishing Crown Street as an exciting leisure center of the city.


Elizabeth Tower will have 52 luxurious stories high with the best amenities in the city, standing out with its pool on the 44th floor, one of the highest in Western Europe, which will allow its residents to enjoy the best panoramic views.

The tower will become one of the highest structures in the United Kingdom, in the market with the highest demand in the country.

General characteristics

  • Residences of one, two, three bedrooms, and townhouses.
  • Pool on the 44th floor.
  • Royal Garden.
  • Co-working spaces and community center for residents.
  • State-of-the-art gym.
  • Lounge for residents.
  • Commercial premises.


  • 20% appreciation during construction.
  • 4% annual appreciation estimated at year 5 after delivery.
  • GBP 21,000 annual rent.
  • Accumulated appreciation 5 years after delivery: GBP 137,995.
  • Total income at year 5: GBP 105,000.
  • Return of Investment to 5 years post delivery: 81% on purchase price.


1 bedroom apartment

  • GBP 5,495 to the reservation.
  • 30% upon exchange of contracts.
  • 70% to the possession of the unit (deducting the reservation).
  • Ends in Q4 2021

2 and 3 bedroom apartment

  • GBP 5,495 to the reservation.
  • 20% upon exchange of contracts.
  • 80% to the possession of the unit (deducting the reservation).
  • Ends in Q4 2021

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